*Source – www.iea.org/reports/oil-2021

The Strength Is In The Team

Oil & Gas Pedigree



Pytheas Energy Inc (“Pytheas”) is a seasoned management team, considered some of the most respected researchers and drilling operators in the world, with a strong track record of working with Major Oil and Gas Companies prior to forming Pytheas.


Tech Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, and considered the leading technology team at Conoco Phillips, our team has developed multiple cutting-edge drilling projects.


Just Drill

Drilled thousands of wells around the world; onshore, offshore, conventional, and unconventional.


Broad Experience

Each team member is a subject matter expert (SME)* in:

  • Field operations
  • Drilling engineers
  • Completion engineers
  • Business administration

Our Technical Team

Kyle Fontenot

Engineering Manager
ConocoPhillips (Ret)

Kyle has 33 years of oil & gas experience; he recently led a Conoco Phillips global drilling engineering and technology team. He has extensive experience with the Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken& Niobrara reservoirs. Kyle was the first drilling engineer to drill wells with casing alone and no drill pipe. This cut drilling time in half, making even marginal wells profitable. Kyle drilled 800 such wells in Lobo, Texas.

Gary Collins

Drilling Engineer
ConocoPhillips (Retired)

Gary is one of the top drilling engineers in the world. He was chosen by NASA to help develop the drilling unit that was used on the MARS Rover Program, and has drilled thousands of wells across the globe. Gary will provide the management and direction for the drilling units to ensure the company’s oil & gas production goals are achieved.

Trey Gilbert

Completion Engineer
ConocoPhillips (Retired)

Trey has spent 16 years focused on development architecture and completion solutions for complex reservoir environments. He has provided engineering/ops support for implementation programs. Trey served in the Navy and worked as an engineer on the F-16 Fighter Jet development program.

James A. “Tony” Fox

Senior Advisor
Halliburton (Retired)

Tony Fox has more than 40 years of professional experience in domestic and international oil and gas. He began his career with Halliburton and went on to work at Tesco, the company which revolutionized horizontal drilling with their Top Drive System. Tony then went on to work for H&P, where he educated the drilling teams on how to use the 70 Top Drive Systems they had purchased from Tesco. Tony has had multiple successful start-ups and exits in the Energy Sector. His sphere of influence and knowledge is invaluable.